“Because they are mean is no reason why I should be. I hate such things, and though I think I’ve a right to be hurt, I don’t intend to show it.”
— Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
“There’s the people you want, and then there’s the people you should be with. And both of them will hate you for it.”
— 8 Glasses of Water
“Humans are the only animals to claim a God, and the only ones to act like they don’t have one.”
— Hunter S. Thompson
“I have done bad things. I can’t take them back, and they are part of who I am. Most of the time, they seem like the only thing I am.”
— Veronica Roth, Insurgent (via larmoyante)
“Every page I pen to this book exhumes another inch of soil they would see me under.”
— Madeline Usher, The Night Before